Saturday, September 8, 2012

What's in your bag?

I learned about Timbuk2 about 3 years ago from Davy. Since then, I have owned several Timbuk2 bags. Some I didn't like all that much, but I have found the ones that fit my needs just right.

The first is the D-Lux Messenger.

I am usually carrying all of the items you see:

-Prescription sunglasses
-Pens (Zebra and Sharpie)
-Velcro silencers
-Leatherman Micro
-Leatherman Blast
-Moleskine notebook
-Lunch cooler
-Stabilizer strap
-Small flashlight
-Fingernail clippers
-Floss or flosspicks
-Tide pen
-Blinky light (for safety)
-Umbrella (sometimes)
-Bus/Trax pass

That being said, please don't rob me! Also, there is still quite a bit of space for more even with all of that in there.

This is the other bag I have. I used a Classic Timbuk2 messenger and added the Snoop Camera insert to carry my camera and gear. It does an amazing job at protecting stuff.

I plan on buying a Stork Messenger whenever it is that we have another child. These bags are virtually indestructible. Made from bomb-proof ballistic nylon and awesome weather-proofing materials.

Eventually I would like to own their travel luggage. Their products are really awesome. Now that I said such nice things, Timbuk2, can I have some free stuff? Ha!

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