Thursday, September 6, 2012

quite the week so far.

Completely surprised on Tuesday by friends and family. Jaynann had taken pretty darn good care of me on Monday I thought that was it. But she planned an extensive get together at the park on Tuesday. I married up. Way up.

Back to work on Wednesday. I work at Deseret Book. I meet a lot of cool people. Mostly I drool over books I want to read/buy. One must admit, I have shown incredible self-restraint. I have only purchased a few books since my employment started earlier this year. Being downtown is fun. I like mass transit.

I am planning on going on a New Moon adventure. Now hold on! I do NOT refer to the books that must not be named. I mean literally a new moon. I wish to shoot the sky. My lenses aren't great, but I think I have learned a lot since my last adventure trying to capture some star trails. I just hope for a clear sky. Anyone is invited. Please. It'll be fun.

Found this cool blog via I have downloaded many of his desktop wallpapers so far. Check it out. High res, too. It is called FiftyFootShadows. Pretty good product reviews.

I really need to find the energy/motivation to capture what is in my bag. Timbuk2 has started a blog about people taking pictures of the stuff they carry around in their Timbuk2 bags. I have two bags. I think about it. Then I think about the effort. Then I go drink a Mexican Coke. Then I watch 30 Rock. Then I start all over. Davy did this once. He was the one that showed me the way of Timbuk2. Very good stuff. Very durable. I recommend the D-Lux Messenger. It holds a laptop/iPad and has some cool waterproofing features, plus a handle, plus a rear, water-proof zipper.

I will do it. THIS WEEKEND. I must show some discipline...HOLD ME TO IT, PEOPLE!

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