Saturday, September 15, 2012

Silver Lake

This adventure was spawned from a similar one made last year. Garit, Branden, Celeste, Davy, and I went up there last year and I had my first attempt at star trails photography. The results were not horrible.

I have learned a lot since then. About light. About aperture. About shutter speed and ISO. So I wanted another adventure. We planned last night because it was a new moon. The night was almost perfect. There were some annoying, wispy clouds. But it wasn't so bad. We had a good time. This time it was Matt, Jordan, Grant, and me. We went to Silver Lake again. The stars were amazing. The company and conversation were even better.

So here are the results:

The reason there aren't more is because that one star trail shot took 30+ minutes to shoot and at least that much time (if not more) to write to the SD card. As much as I would have liked to stay up all night and shoot more, please see a previous post about turning 30. I was tired. :)


  1. great photos man. really would have liked to be there. sorry im a lame ass.

  2. You are not. But you were sorely missed. By all of us.